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Our Dogs



Silver Labrador Retriever


Havana comes from amazing lines, and is an incredibly loyal and loving companion. She is fiercely protective but also quite calm, with a girly personality. She is a wonderful addition to our pack and we are proud to have her in our family. We are sure she will produce amazing puppies that will be just as loyal and loving as she is.


Chocolate Labrador Retriever


We are proud to introduce our first dog Luna, an energetic and well-behaved pup who is a great role model for the other dogs in our kennel. She loves nothing more than running around and fetching the ball. Despite her playful nature, she is serious about her role as an ambassador for our kennel, and she is always ready to greet visitors with a friendly wag of her tail. We are so lucky to have Luna as part of our family.


Silver Labrador Retriever


Thor is an impressive prince of a dog! His majestic size and regal demeanor make him a popular stud for breeders. He is known to be quite protective of his family. Thor is an alpha male, and commands respect. His big size and strength make him the perfect guard dog. Thor is a great choice for any breeder looking for a powerful and loyal canine companion.


Charcoal Labrador Retriever


Shadow is a great mum and a very special member of our family. She used to live in a kennel, but with our help she has been able to change her life and live a much more spoiled and loving life. Shadow loves attention and is always looking for someone to give her affection. She loves to be petted and will reward you with lots of kisses. Shadow is a great companion and we are so glad to have her with us.


Silver Labrador Retriever


Tesla is a very special dog. She is the queen of the house and an amazing mum to her puppies. She loves to lounge around and take naps, but she also loves to play. Tesla loves oranges and tangerines - she gets very excited when she sees them! She is very loving and cuddly and loves to be around her family. We are very lucky to have Tesla in our family


Charcoal Labrador Retriever


Milo is an amazing dog who loves to be around people! He is an incredibly affectionate pup and loves to give kisses and cuddles. He is also a great dad, always looking after his puppies. Milo is always full of energy and loves to play and run around with his family. He is quite goofy and loves to make people laugh with his silly antics. Despite his energetic personality, Milo is also content to relax and snuggle up on the couch. All in all, he is a very happy and loving dog


Silver Labrador Retriever


Nasiya is a beautiful female Labrador Retriever from a litter of 10 puppies. She is a happy and friendly pup who loves spending time with her family. She is tall like her father and loves to play fetch in the yard. Nasiya is an amazing older sister. She is an incredibly playful pup and loves to explore her surroundings. Nasiya brings a lot of joy to us. 



Charcoal Labrador Retriever


Storm is a beautiful pup with a great personality. She is the daughter of two pedigree parents, with beauty after her mum and tall after her dad. She is nicely coloured and has silver tones in her charcoal coat, which makes her stand out from the pack. She is very active and loves playing outside with her siblings. 



Micro Exotic Bully


Misty is a loving dog. She is brave and fearless, with a nicely built body and a soft face. Her amazing lines come from her dad, who hails from the United States. Misty is a great dog to own and makes a loyal companion. She will be definitely a really good mum as she takes on the role well already by being very protective of her family. 



French Bulldog


Destiny is a small, fast and hyper pup who loves to cuddle. She is an incredibly loving and happy, always full of silly energy. She loves being around people and other animals, and her joy is contagious. Her playful spirit and sweet nature make her a great companion. 

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